Kirk Marshall is a Brisbane-born writer, teacher, editor, and NGO fundraiser living in Melbourne, Australia. He works as a philanthropy and business development specialist, and is a former General Manager for Going Down Swinging. He was a sessional academic / adjunct teacher in Creative Writing, English, Literature and Media (Film & T.V. Studies) at RMIT University for two years, and has held various teaching positions in Queensland, Victoria and Tokyo, Japan.

He is the author of an illustrated miscellany (A Solution to Economic Depression in Little Tokyo, 1953); a fiction chapbook (A Brief Study of the Dissolute Properties of Comedy When You’re Propelled Off Your Speeding Motorcycle Into A Sharp Asphalt Road, And Your Name Is Takeshi Kitano) published by Dynatox Ministries; a novella (The Signatory) published by Skylight Press; and two collections of fiction: Carnivalesque, And: Other Stories published by Black Rider Press, and Popcorn In the Barrel: Stories published by KUBOA Press. He is currently working on the manuscript for his début novel (Feverglades), and an illustrated bestiary of Donald J. Trump’s pestilential presidential Cabinet (Swamp Monsters: A Bestiary of Trumplandia).

He has written for more than eighty publications, both in Australia and overseas, including Award Winning Australian Writing, Island, Wet Ink, Going Down Swinging, Voiceworks, Verandah, Visible Ink, fourW, CorditeMascara Literary Review, frankieThreeThousand, CUTTINGSThe Grapple Annual (Grapple Publishing; 2014), The Grapple Annual (Grapple Publishing; 2016), Subtropical Suspense (Black Beacon Books; 2014), Word Riot (U.S.A.), 3:AM Magazine (France), Le Zaporogue (France/Denmark), ISM: online (U.S.A.), (Short) Fiction Collective (U.S.A.), The Vein (U.S.A.), Danse Macabre (U.S.A.), WHOLE BEAST RAG (U.S.A.), Gone Lawn (U.S.A.), Vol. 1 Brooklyn (U.S.A.), AZURE: A Journal of Literary Thought (U.S.A.), The Seahorse Rodeo Folk Review (U.S.A.), The Journal of Unlikely Entomology (U.S.A.) and Kizuna: Fiction for Japan (Japan).

Kirk is the coauthor of a Creative Writing textbook for ESL students enrolled at the RMIT International College in Indonesia.

Kirk is also the writer-director of the 2005 independent Australian feature film, About 8 (promoted by Prodany Entertainment). From 2009, he has edited Red Leaves / 紅葉, the world’s first English-language / Japanese bi-lingual literary journal. He now suffers migraines in two languages.

Kirk has recently secured a nomination for The Pushcart Prize in 2017 for a longform standalone excerpt published from his novel manuscript-in-progress (“Brass Tyrant and The American Thirst”). Kirk was a published contributor for the literary anthology, The Grapple Annual No.1 (Grapple Publishing, 2014; ed. Duncan Felton), which featured a 8,000-word novelette of his entitled, “Moths”, and which was subsequently awarded first-prize recipient of the Most Underrated Book Award 2015 (MUBA).

Kirk was also shortlisted for the 2010 Wet Ink Short-Story Prize; and he was accorded the first-prize recipient of the January 2016 Writing Contest for AZURE: A Journal of Literary Thought; first-prize recipient for the 2010 Booranga Prize from Charles Sturt University for Best Short Story; first-prize recipient for the St. Laurences College Library Collection Literary Competition 2002; first-prize recipient of The Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards Foundation/Roman Printing Prize 2002; and first-prize recipient of the Brisbane Short-Story Competition for youth under the age of 17 in 2000.

Kirk’s fleeting interlude with fame arose when he simultaneously authored the Stranger ThingsRound the Twist mashup meme, Stranger Things Happen (When You’re Going Round the Twist)the concept of which was subsequently claimed by Netflix wholesale without attribution or restitution, before becoming a viral sensation online and being defined as “the most beautiful mashup of all time”.

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